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Recycle Your Bicycle

Recycle Your Bicycle

Donate Your Kid's Bicycle Today

Bring a new or gently used bicycle to any Earnhardt Auto Center location now through September 30 and it will be fixed up and given to a child in foster care during this winter’s holiday season.

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Testimonial – “Kind and didn’t leave feeling ripped-off.”


Kind and didn’t leave feeling ripped off

After a bankruptcy no one wants to be looked down on or treated like a loser. I never felt disrespected in any way while I was buying my car from Earnhardt’s Mr Ed department. I even saw “Tex” while I was sitting there! It was an amazing experience and I got a beautiful car under blue book and newer than I was looking for even! Beyond satisfied, I would recommend them to anyone!
– SteelersGirl

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Testimonial – “Fantastic experience. No Pressure. Great Coffee.”

Fantastic experience. No pressure, and exceeded my expectations. The open concept was by far the most impressive part of the experience, we weren’t stuck in an office or cubical during our visit. Great music, snacks available as well as cold bottled water and great coffee. Darin in the Mr.Ed department worked extremely hard to get me exactly what I wanted. The finance process was outstanding and easy. I have sent two people here to buy cars because of my amazing experience. Thank you Darin!

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Testimonial – Painless and no Buyer’s Remorse


What an amazing experience! Everyone I came in contact with at this dealership was so helpful and so upbeat and happy that it made my car buying experience the best I have ever had! Specifically the Mr Ed department. Terry, Rick and Dave went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for and financing that I could afford. They made it so painless. I have experienced no buyers remorse, like I have had with other dealerships. I didn’t feel any pressure. I told them what I was looking for in a Toyota and I got that and more!

A couple of days after taking my car home, I realized that, for some reason, I couldn’t roll down the passenger window from the driver side. I called Rick and let him know what was going on. By the next day Dave called me and offered to come pick it up and that he would leave me with a loaner. He met me at my job site on my first break and we made the exchange. By lunch that day I already had my car back!! I couldn’t believe it! What service!!! Apparently, a safety feature had been triggered on the window. Dave explained to me what to do if it ever happened again. He even filled up my tank before returning the car to me!

Seriously folks, next time I am in the market for another car it’s Mr Ed all the way!

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Testimonial – ‘Alohas to Jason’ and Earnhardt Hyundai!


Foremost, Jason whom I had an appointment with was truly outstanding in every sense of the word. A true professional!! His warm personality, people skills, and knowledge created a very comfortable environment on hot sizzling day at the dealership. Thanks Avondale Hyundai and especially to you Jason for your outstanding professionalism!!! I will most definitely refer friends to your dealership…Once again my alohas to Jason, he warrants a raise….Pls forward this to Jason.


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Testimonial – Shocked to be driving a newer vehicle.

“To all that helped me out, I would like to say thank you so much for helping me and getting me into my beautiful car that I have. I never thought that I would be able to get into something this new. I thought I was only able to get into a 2007 to a 2010 make. So when I was told I can test drive 2014 cars I was very happy & shocked. I guess the Mr. Ed family does make miracles. You did back in 1996 for me and my family and now you did it again!” – Michele and Family

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Bad Credit Auto Financing Advice with Ms. Ed ~Episode 3 (Credit Problems)

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Our recent Jeep Wrangler purchase originated from internet inquiries to several valley Jeep dealers. I was specific with the options and color I wanted. I received calls and emails from all that I made the inquiry to. None, except Earnhardt Jeep, had the specific vehicle with the options and color I desired. The other dealers tried to get my attention by telling me they had the vehicle I was seeking, but when I viewed their suggestion it had other options which I did not have interest.

Jacob Dufurrena, Sales Advisor at Earnhardt CDJR, contacted me via email and phone. I was not always available to take Jacob’s call or reply to his emails. I informed Jacob that Earnhardt did indeed have the specific vehicle I was seeking. Jacob provided me with pricing for the vehicle. After I received the pricing info I informed Jacob that we could work a deal with what was provided. I was out of town at the time and informed Jacob of my situation. Jacob was patient, although persistent to assure that he would earn my business. Persistent, but not a pest or pushy. Jacob only wanted to know what he had to do to earn my business.

When we arrived at the dealership Jacob took us to the specific vehicle we were interested. There was no inclination to try to upsell or look at another vehicle. Jacob knew exactly what we wanted and did not want. My spouse and I had some discussion on an option on the vehicle that wasn’t completely agreeable to both of us and we were almost to the point of factory ordering. Jacob put that to bed for us with a counter-offer. We then agreed on the purchase, filled out a portion of the paperwork and then had to get home because of prior commitments. We returned the following day to complete the transaction and take possession of the vehicle.

In my opinion, this was truly the most hassle free and enjoyable vehicle purchase experience for me. Jacob was the “star” in this transaction. Understanding of his customers wants and needs. If you are in the market to purchase a vehicle which the Earnhardt dealership sells, ask for Jacob Dufurrena on your arrival. I am certain he will do whatever is necessary to earn your business and assure you get exactly what you are looking for without any of the pressures or sales pitches we all have experienced at other car dealerships. Thanks Jacob….good job. – Brian J

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10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Ten Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

If you feel like you are alone in the battle with a poor credit score, well the truth is you are not alone. There are more people more than ever before who are facing the dreaded bad credit score which isn’t allowing them to receive the loans and interest rates they want. The problem isn’t necessarily your credit score, it is the fact you aren’t being proactive to actually improve your credit score. Yes you can continue to make payments on time or pay off a past due balance which is comprised of roughly 35% of your credit history and overall scoring, but to really get your credit score back on track, you should make some additional actions. Such as:

Get a Copy of your Credit Report Annually

You can actually receive one free copy of your credit report each year from places like Annual Credit Report. From here you can start to do both of the following: First off you want to try to negotiate with creditors, because you will be surprised how willing they are able to work with you if you are having trouble making full or on-time payments. Or if you are looking to negate old 30-day, 60-day and even 90-day past due reports, if you can prove to the creditor that you are able to make payments on time, in some cases they are willing to remove those past due actions on your report. Second step, if the creditors aren’t willing to work with you and you are certain their are errors on your report, dispute credit report errors in hopes they will be removed, thus improving your credit score.

Seek Counsel and Remain Patient with Poor Credit

If you are still having trouble managing payments on time, or the full amount, if you feel like you are losing your mind, the best thing to do is remain patient, and to seek professional counseling with a consumer credit counselor. If you are someone worrying about your inability to purchase a new vehicle with an approved auto loan, then you should seek the help of Ask Ms. Ed


Improve your Credit Score

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Bad Credit Auto Financing Advice with Ms. Ed ~Episode 2 (Divorce)

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